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start september. fifth is to get the news coming to you live from. wait to be rescued from devastating floods and india the task is overwhelming. they are appealing to the government to send more equipment to over a quarter of a million people have taken refuge in emergency shelters and more brains are all the way of going oh. i'm going to your question hold talk to the second time in
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three months all differences remain without our political analysts rather we could be seeing signs of a thought in german russian relations. and a new attraction the german capital puts perception to the test medium of the balance the world of optical trickery and proves that you contest thirty trucks driving. i'm out i was on thank you for joining us authorities in the southern india are struggling to cope with some of the worst floods in over a century more than three hundred people are dead and more than three hundred thousand have been displaced rescuers in the state of carolina are stepping up efforts to bring food and water to the many people still stranded by the high waters. with much of the state underwater thousands across carol are
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still waiting for rescue ten days of relentless monsoon rains have brought chaos to this popular tourist destination landslides and bridge collapses have left many areas cut off boats and helicopters the only way out but rescue is not always possible the water flow is very. very difficult to go towards that. you can give into. there is to provide food and water to them so that they can at least so i do the water recedes a nationwide private under way to send relief equipment to carry. out a neighboring state is suffering a lot i need to give you all my energy and my time to help them a lot. with parents communication lines down and essential supplies running short trains carrying clean drinking water and rice have also been pressed into service.
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after taking to the air to assess the damage for himself india's prime minister and the render modi has promised more than seventy million dollars in aid. for more the story now we're going to cross over to our india correspondent tanya halakhah anya how has the situation in aceh quest developed. well you know the reasons hercules is likely in care love this morning which is of course a particular spike that often after days of heavy rains but the indian with office has gone for continued heavy rain and i think the pockets and of course the rescuers there will continue going on the clock in what is still seen as one folding image and see i mean as you said in your photos of the people remain stranded across the city and the hundreds of thousands of them have converged on you know holes belonging to schools and to improve churches and mosques and retiring that going on little local businesses is there some police can find it difficult to access and water and many people also using traditional media to
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really great information and connects people to build who can help them and that of going to support of a leader like a few wouldn't need to because many asked stations and bomb these remain submerged and i think the biggest challenge now for providing clean drinking water services for the men go to quicken down to the states remain on the want to and the monsoon is of course a recurring event so why is this a particular one so dramatic. you're right that you know cattle particular is really no stranger to heavy rain due to the occasional india's fault western edge usually gets extremely heavy rain throughout the entire monsoon season greitens of september but this time the readings have been unusually heavy lydian says dented and there are two districts in the state alone which is you know received almost as much rain as the entire state really expects to get there in this time so i think the scale of the problem is simply masses and lot of kind of compounded it is the fact that the center of government has still been false open doesn't advance and
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result needs prostates as the water reaches the internet goes and that's brenda's up inundating many many villages downstream in the correspondence on a phone the car brings up to date on camera thank you. in my here in germany chancellor angela merkel has held talks with russian president vladimir putin the crises in both area and ukraine and a key joint energy projects were high on the agenda and he has released no statement after the talks but ahead of the may saying they both indicated a willingness to compromise on issues that have soured relations between the one trees in recent years emphasize russia's importance of the global power appears and called on europe to help rebuild war torn syria it was the two leaders in fact influencing in three months. and he deputy political correspondent time and young who father report joins me in studio now well confinement so do you think that the talks were a sign that there is an improvement in relations between germany and russia well
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a little bit anglo american says that she wants good relations with russia and vladimir putin as you saw him the other day about having a permanent dialogue. but of course contacts have dropped off a lot since two thousand and fourteen when russia annexed crimea and so i think in a world in particular in which president trump has to change the calculus of a lot of foreign policy issues you know maybe russia and germany feel the need for talkies greater than ever so also one of the things that was proposing was for europe to open its wallace and help rebuild syria do you think he's going to get his wish yeah i mean that to me putin was saying yesterday you know we construction of syria is the next phase and of course the fighting there hasn't been fully stopped yet so. he was hinting that it seemed europe's interest to play op he was even talking about the possibility that syrian refugees could start to return back home from europe as well as from the middle eastern countries e.g.
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course i think is getting ahead of himself a little bit of the same time there is the prospect of a summit with russia and turkey and germany and france you know as another way of moving forward on paste. and america says she's open to all those ideas of the she wants to give peace process to continue as well and she said yesterday the important thing is to avoid a humanitarian crisis in live in northern syria but i think anything that could shorten the war there that would appeal to angela merkel and to other european leaders so there seems to have been progress on ukraine and the two leaders do have some common interests regarding energy what was that what they talked about yesterday we have is this new world stream two pipeline project would bring even more russian gas through the baltic sea to germany very important project for russia putin said you know this would make russia an even more reliable energy
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partner for europe donald trump by the way says it would make germany totally dependent on russia so he's critical of it but merkel says that what she wants is russia to agree that even with nord stream two russian gas would continue to flow through ukraine as a transit country because that's the strategic relationship there putin was very skeptical he said any such deal would have to make economic sense and his spokesman after these talks last night was quoted saying you know the russia was thinking of taking measures against the countries that were trying to block the north stream project so there's a lot of differences on that key energy relationship as well plenty of discussion very little. thank you very much back to some of the other stories making news around the world. italian rescuers have ended their search for survivors from the genoa bridge collapse if fishel death toll now stands at forty three after three more bodies were on covert over nice
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a section of the miranda bridge gave way last tuesday with dozens of cars pull engine fifty meter is to the ground below. the indonesian island of lombok has been struck by a magnitude six point three earthquake its epicenter was in the island's northeast the quake caused panic and local damage so far no serious injuries have been reported this is the laces in a number of quakes his long walk severe on august fifth killing nearly five hundred people. the first family reunions between south and north koreans in three years are set to go ahead and preparations south koreans have been gathering in a border town to morrow two hundred saved and north koreans will have a rare chance to see family members three unions program was put on hold due to political tension in twenty fifty five venezuela's president nicolas the doro has announced a series of economic reforms aimed at curbing hyperinflation which this year could his one million per cent while
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a new currency starts trading this week the country's attractors economic crisis has prompted hundreds of thousands of venezuelans to seek a new life elsewhere in latin america but they're facing ever tighter restrictions on getting into other countries. brazilians in the border town of powder turn venezuelan immigrants forcing hundreds to flee back across the frontier violence flared after an alleged attack on a local restaurant owner but tensions have been building for years as huge numbers of venezuelans escaping turmoil at home have poort into brazil. chaotic scenes also on the border between colombia and ecuador which has tightened passport requirements for venezuelans wanting to enter the country like many fifty year old gabriele malo volta wants to travel through ecuador and then into peru but the authorities there too are cracking down on venezuelans. i'm here with my wife
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we're hoping for some kind of humanitarian measure from the ecuadorian government that allows us to enter so we can continue our journey to peru. we really want to contribute. if we don't work our kids will starve. we're going to stick together until we get to our destination in peru so we can work and fight for our kids. that may now be more difficult but with the venezuelan economy in tatters and no guarantee president maduro is reforms will succeed there's little incentive for would be emigrants to return home. just football that's getting back underway at the moment although only a few days now until the thek and half of the formula one things then begin after twelve of twenty one races ferrari south of battle trail defending champion how
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loaded in the driver sounding there's plenty of time left to bridge that the ferrari team is closer to the title this year than they have been for a long time. this year's ferrari is nothing if not fast. be not told the new chief technical officer has overseen the creation of an innovative machine the early results were positive ferrari started the season with. we have all the reasons to be confident but i think i will cause great stuff to plant to look forward to but as of yet ferrari have failed to fully capitalize on their technical superiority sebastian vettel looks unusually vulnerable on four occasions mistakes have cost him the win like at the german graham greene when federal threw away the lead with a steering error and crashed out of the race eleven years without a title have obviously ramped up the pressure at ferrari. this year is the first
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time in a long time that miss sadie's don't have the technical advantage but the team is making up for it with effort and ingenuity and of course they can rely on four time world champion lewis hamilton has delivered a driving masterclass so far this season the spirit within the team is stronger than it's over them and these experiences that we've been having and how we've been handling them have really united us more than any other year hamilton is currently top of the driver standings ahead of second placed sebastian vettel with nine races left to run this season with jule between these two is already heating up. here in berlin this weekend and museum tech visitors profession promises and trip show a world turned upside down. something doesn't quite look right here or does it. optical illusions twisted worlds playing with the senses all of this can
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be found in the newly opened museum of illusions in berlin. it's the first of its kind in germany there are only eight such places in the world it's eighty exhibits playfully challenge the human brain. muscles in so in most museums you have to be quiet can't take photographs in order to hear is the opposite and you can have fun noisy show your emotions take pictures and. visitors are invited to get involved test out their feelings for example their balance such experiences cannot be found on the internet only here say the museums founders proudly. can physically attend let me explain physics of magic items on their wooden toys throughout the museum and with them you can make three d. puzzles or ten grams and other things here it's not about gathering numbers data and facts but rather going about things in a playful and schumer's was the shooting speed location and listing on sets this comes to. a poker party with yourself here in the museum
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of illusions you can only win. here while same daily news coming to life from more news again at the top of the hour and don't forget that you can get all the basis names and information around the clock on our website at www dot com thanks for joining us asking if you can. get out of the. earth. home tunes of species a home worth saving. those are big changes and most start with small
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steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the term.


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